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Avid Adrenaline

Meet the most diverse and demanding creative challenges with the Avid Media Composer Adrenaline. The standard Firewire connection provides Adrenaline the power and flexibility you demand. Combine the newest video formats including 24p DV and resolutions with legacy Avid files in the same timeline.

You will be amazed at real-time Open GL 2D and 3D DVE's; 24p/25p support; native Boris Continuum effects and filters; and advanced color correction features.

Capabilities such as Pan + Scan for creating 4x3 and 16x9 content, or 24p Universal Editing and Mastering, which allows you to output multiple formats from a single master and eliminates the need for a standards converter, helping you to product multiple formats quickly.

Minimal Learning Curve
With the familiar Media Composer user interface and Avid editing model, Adrenaline is instantly familiar to over 50,000 trained Avid editors.

Collaborative Workflow
With high levels of interoperability with other Avid products, as well as third party tools via OMF, AAF, OMM, and support for Avid Unity MediaNet, Adrenaline was builty for a distributed, collaborative, nonlinear production environment.

Storage Notes
Keep in mind that to archive the needed data rates for some video resolutions, multiple drives may be needed to create a faster disk array.

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is kingkong movie is edited with confused

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